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Vision Statement and Values

Our dream is that everything we do reflects our values so clearly that all who come in contact with All Saints Care Injury And Rehabilitation Clinic, Inc. are glad to recommend us to others because of our deep sense of responsibility to those we serve now and in the future.
Honesty, Integrity and Respect
  • Be forthright and truthful in all our actions.
  • Treat all with dignity and professionalism.
  • Treat everyone as an individual, valuing differences and unique contributions.
Spirit of Serving
  • Learn, and respect what is important to those we serve.
  • Gain agreement on needs and expectations.
  • Explain and apologize for delays, problems and complaints and take steps to avoid recurrence.
  • Show a willingness to serve and be courteous in all relationships.
Compassionate Care
  • Strive always to maintain the dignity and privacy of the patient.
  • Be sensitive and responsive to patient and family fears, questions, concerns and individualized needs.
  • Keep patient and family informed on what is happening in the patient's treatment and care and why.
Pride in What We Do
  • Take personal responsibility to make things better every day.
  • Continually expand knowledge and sharpen skills.
  • Welcome feedback, acknowledge and learn from mistakes and seek improvement.
  • Actively measure performance and analyze results and trends.
  • Listen and communicate openly.
  • Be positive, enjoy others, celebrate successes and share laughter.
  • Encourage cooperation and share resources willingly.
  • Support group planning, problem solving and individual responsibility as part of the team.
Stewardship and Cost Effective Health Care
  • Improve patient care and efficiency of operations by finding and eliminating the causes of errors, rework, delays, backlogs and all non-essential activities.
  • Recognize that prudent spending provides funding to attract, develop and retain competent, dedicated staff.
Long Term Focus
  • Keep ASCIARCI's mission and community service purpose constant in the face of changes in health care and the economy.
  • Develop plans and actions that meet changing need and conditions and build strength for the future, to ensure ASCIARCI's survival and continued ability to serve.

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